Foli Flower | WHITE RUNTZ |

Foli Flower | WHITE RUNTZ |

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Unlock the Ultimate Bliss with White Runtz - A Top-Tier Hybrid Delight!

Indulge in the Exquisite Harmony of White Runtz, an exquisitely balanced hybrid strain (50% Indica/50% Sativa), meticulously crafted through the fusion of the legendary Zkittlez and Gelato strains. Renowned for its unparalleled taste and enduring euphoria, White Runtz stands as the epitome of hybrid perfection, catering to discerning enthusiasts with its delectable profile.

Experience a Symphony of Flavors: White Runtz captivates the palate with its signature blend of sweet and sour fruity essence, underscored by delicate citrus notes. The fragrance mirrors this sensation, emanating a refreshing earthy citrus bouquet intertwined with hints of ripe fruits, tantalizing the senses with every inhale.

Embark on a Journey of Pure Relaxation: The White Runtz high offers a transcendent experience, characterized by a soothing and enduring euphoria that envelops the body in profound tranquility. From the gentle tingle that cascades down the spine to the serene relaxation that permeates every muscle, White Runtz ensures a state of utter bliss, effortlessly melting away stress and tension.

Embrace Wellness with White Runtz: Revered for its therapeutic potential, White Runtz is a preferred choice for alleviating various ailments, including chronic stress, muscle spasms, anxiety, and persistent pain. Each nugget of White Runtz boasts oversized, spade-shaped buds enveloped in a lush forest green hue, accentuated by fiery orange hairs and a glistening coat of crystalline trichomes.

Elevate Your Experience with White Runtz - Where Exquisite Flavor Meets Unrivaled Euphoria!


THC - 33.84%

CBD - 0.55%

Total Cannainoids - 40.42%

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