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nausea ==> .5g or 1g Shatter NYC DIESEL (Sativa)

nausea ==> .5g or 1g Shatter PURPLE HAZE (Sativa)

nausea ==> 1g Budder OG KUSH (Indica)

nausea ==> 1g Crumble LEMON SHERBERT (Sativa)

nausea ==> 1g Crumble SKYWALKER (Indica)

nausea ==> 1g Crumble SOUR DIESEL (Sativa)

nausea ==> 1g Crumble SOUR TANGIE (Sativa)

nausea ==> 1g Live Resin GSC (Hybrid)

nausea ==> 1g Live Resin PLATINUM COOKIES (Hybrid)

nausea ==> 1g Shatter GG#4 (Hybrid)

nausea ==> 1g Shatter PLATINUM BUBBA (Hybrid/Indica)

nausea ==> ABOV TOP SHLF 1g Budder GHOST TRAIN HAZE (Sativa)

nausea ==> ABOV TOP SHLF 1g Diamond Sauce PURPLE PUNCH (Indica)