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You may be wondering, “What are THC and CBD?” 
These are the two most notable active chemical compounds in marijuana, known as cannabinoids. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is responsible for the psychoactive and euphoric characteristics of marijuana. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is entirely non-psychoactive and provides purely physical, therapeutic benefits for conditions such as chronic migraines, epilepsy, and so on. 


If smoking in the morning is your favorite way to start the day, I recommend a sativa strain. Sativa is ideal for those who intend to be productive after medicating. Known for its citrus-like flavor and scent, this strain induces an energetic “head high,” perfect for studying, cleaning, or socializing. On average, sativa has a higher dosage of THC so new users should be conscious of the THC to CBD ratios when considering these strains. 


If you are looking for weed to smoke before bed, an indica strain is what you’re after. Perfect for relaxation, hunger management, and pain relief, indica induces a chill body high. Indica is also ideal for artists, as it can bring about wonderful waves of creativity. This high may prompt your most genius ideas, so be sure to write them down or you will most certainly forget them afterwards. This strain is typically not suitable for the morning, unless you intend to fall right back asleep (in which case, it’s perfect). These strains are great for beginners as they tend to be CBD dominant and therefore deeply relaxing. Indica is also extremely therapeutic, easing symptoms such as nausea and loss of appetite. 


Many patients prefer hybrid strains as they provide the best of both highs. Hybrids contain both indica and sativa, so the CBD to THC ratios vary depending on the strain. If you would like to relax but not experience a ‘couch-lock’ type of high, an indica-dominant hybrid would be best for you. On the other hand, if you prefer to be productive but still want a relatively ‘chill’ high, a sativa-dominant strain might be the middle-ground that you’re looking for. Hybrids are perfect for fine-tuning your highs. There’s a strain for every kind of activity. That’s the beauty of hybrids. 



Rolled in hemp paper and containing exclusively marijuana, joints are ideal when smoking in the great outdoors. Joints can be purchased as pre-rolls (sometimes covered in wax and kief, for special occasions or just a Thursday night) or patients can roll their own cannabis cigarette. Learning to roll a joint is a tedious process that takes maximum patience, but when this skill is achieved, you have bragging rights for life — but better than bragging rights will be the magnificent joints you share with friends or enjoy on your own, hopefully paired with a beautiful view of nature. 
If you struggle with rolling joints, let us teach you


Best for beginners, pipes are inexpensive, portable, and easy to use. As there is no water in these pipes to filter smoke, novices should beware of how harshly they inhale. That said, pipes are great for those new to smoking as the high tends to come more gradually, unlike bongs or dab rigs which may leave a newcomer feeling overwhelmed with sensation. Pipes are perfect for smoking indoors or outdoors. They come in various sizes and some are able to hold water for filtration (see water pipe). 


Water pipes and bongs are filtration devices in which smoke passes through the water, leaving behind any tar or residue. This process also cools the smoke. (If your bong has an ice pinch, placing ice in the tube will result in an even cooler hit.) Benefits aside, novices should beware of using bongs, as the high can be very overwhelming for new smokers. However, bongs are one of the most health conscious methods of smoking, so if your tolerance allows, these are great pieces to have. 


Dab rigs are water pipes or bongs used in tandem with a small torch to heat up concentrates such as wax. These devices do not produce as much tar as pieces intended for flower do. This is among the many reasons why dab-fanatics are so passionate about this method. It is arguably the cleanest (in terms of smoke and physical clean-up), but beginners bear in mind it is also one of the most intense ways to smoke. Avoid dabs until you have developed a tolerance. Concentrates have the ability to significantly raise even the experienced smoker’s tolerance, so other methods will likely not have the same effect for a time afterwards. Many predict that dabs are the future of smoking, so if you want to try this extremely clean method of vaporizing cannabis concentrates, I recommend that you do.